Just two girls and a mic, with an occasional guest, dishing the unfiltered truth about being a solopreneur.

MOST RECENT EPISODE: Resilience with Crystal Love

While listening to Crystal’s solopreneurial experiences, one can only think that This Girl (lady) is on FIRE.  Crystal takes us through her ups and downs in building and closing several business ventures.  Her conversation with Marilyn and Terra is a no holds barred chat about the wisdom she has gained over the years and what keeps her going.  She even brings her mama into the conversation!  If you ever wonder how or why people never give up on their dream of becoming a solopreneur or entrepreneur do yourself a favor and listen to Crystal’s story, but be warned that this is NOT a PG conversation.

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An individual who chooses to establish and operate a business on their own.

We are the Future of Business

Solopreneur businesses are on the rise! We contribute over $1 Trillion to the U.S. economy. It has never been easier to achieve personal freedom and financial prosperity by working for yourself.

Americans that would prefer to be self-employed0%
SoloCE0s happier than in traditional jobs0%
Solopreneur businesses that are successful within 3 years0%


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