Just two girls and a mic, with an occasional guest, dishing the unfiltered truth about being a solopreneur.

MOST RECENT EPISODE: We All Need a Little Sunshine (and Hustle)

Terra and Marilyn are excited to introduce the world to their “Sunshine”, aka LaToya Williamson.  As a major supporter of all things SoloCEO, LaToya has dished out many hard truths and I-Told-You-So’s to our fearless founders.  As an entrepreneur, she’s a force to be reckoned with a long track record of helping executives excel.  So, lean in and take notes as LaToya shares her knowledge and insights. Her moxie is sure to leave a lasting impression!

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An individual who chooses to establish and operate a business on their own.

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Solopreneur businesses are on the rise! We contribute over $1 Trillion to the U.S. economy. It has never been easier to achieve personal freedom and financial prosperity by working for yourself.

Americans that would prefer to be self-employed0%
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