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Breaking Boundaries: Establishing a Category of One

Get ready to break free from the ordinary and establish a business that is truly one-of-a-kind.  Discover how Kali Patrice’s creative and engineering strengths shape her business and learn what it takes to craft a unique venture that reflects who you are at your core.  This is a grown-folks conversation about the highs and the lows that you won’t want to miss.  Join us and let’s redefine success together!

Kali Patrice is a strategic consultant and creator of HairCamp™ Home Edition, a digital platform that helps people with highly-textured hair find new love for their hair and themselves.  Kali’s mission and message live at the intersection of faith, self-expression, and personal transformation, through hair. Her over 30-year tenure as a hairstylist, product formulator, and personal branding expert, gives her an unparalleled depth and breadth of expertise about the intersection of hair, personal identity and self-expression, through which she captivates and inspires audiences worldwide.


Just two girls and a mic, with an occasional guest, dishing the unfiltered truth about being a solopreneur.


We find ourselves a month into 2024 – and let’s be honest, how are those resolutions holding up? Yep, we stopped making them, too. However, this is an opportune moment to take stock of how you’re navigating through the year. Have you unknowingly carried along some less-than-ideal habits from the past? Caught in the loop of old patterns that no longer serve you? Well, it’s time to put a stop to it – it’s time for a reset.

Join us in this episode as we delve into the art of reflection and explore the power of hitting the reset button. Discover actionable insights to break free from unproductive cycles and set a course for a more fulfilling path ahead. Don’t let those lingering habits hold you back; it’s your time to redefine and reclaim your journey. Tune in and let’s embark on this journey together – it’s Time for a Reset.

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An individual who chooses to establish and operate a business on their own.

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Solopreneur businesses are on the rise! We contribute over $1 Trillion to the U.S. economy. It has never been easier to achieve personal freedom and financial prosperity by working for yourself.

Americans that would prefer to be self-employed0%
SoloCE0s happier than in traditional jobs0%
Solopreneur businesses that are successful within 3 years0%


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