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An individual who chooses to establish and operate a business on their own.

We are the Future of Business

Solopreneur businesses are on the rise! We contribute over $1 Trillion to the U.S. economy. It has never been easier to achieve personal freedom and financial prosperity by working for yourself.

Americans that would prefer to be self-employed0%
SoloCE0s happier than in traditional jobs0%
Solopreneur businesses that are successful within 3 years0%


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SoloCEO Guru Talk

What’s your sales superpower?  There is an art to conveying a sales message that’s sticky and not icky.  No matter your current technique, there is no better time than now to spruce up your skills and update your sales strategy.  That’s why we’re bringing you this GuruTalk that’s filled with tips to help you elevate your message and brand.


We have looked high and low to find an expert who understands the solopreneur mindset and has a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs build personal and impactful sales strategies.  Brian Burkhart, Founder and Chief Word Guy, of SquarePlanet has coached leaders of Fortune 100 companies, TED speakers, Shark Tank contestants and countless business owners to help them communicate and ultimately lead how they’ve always imagined.  Get ready to take notes and ask questions..

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Brian Burkhart

Founder and Chief Word Guy, SquarePlanet
Brian believes in ‘Making Waves’. Of course, living in Phoenix, AZ means those waves aren’t of the aquatic variety. He operates multiple businesses as either a founder, CEO, or partner, and takes an active role in building those brands. One of those companies – SquarePlanet – was recently named an Inc. 5000 company.


A sought after consultant and keynote speaker, Brian works with some of the world’s leading brands, including Google, Red Bull, Amazon, Northern Trust, McDonald’s, Discover, Jim Beam, Zico Coconut Water, Stryker, United Airlines and Citibank. He’s prepped ten firms that have appeared on TV’s Shark Tank and worked with dozens of TED presenters, CEOs, authors, renowned personalities and entrepreneurs around the globe.


Learn more about Brian! Check out his bio here.

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